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If you were wanting additional optimisation on your Google Business Profile, on occasions I do have openings for new clients. Find out, by filling out the form below and I will shortly let you know.

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    If you want to be considered for this, you would need to have reasonable expectations of what I can do for you
    I tend to be realistic and keep it simple. I would never guarantee results as there is no one that can do this without cheating the system.
    I'm fully aware that there are 2 areas you can't control with Google My Business
    1. Google Themselves
    2. Other competitors and their blackhat methods

    But as you will know from my Youtube Channel, I believe that if you get everything in good shape, Google should reward that in the long run

    If you would like to hire me then fill out the form and I will come back to you with a price and additional details

    The month would enable me to check if you have the important ranking factors in place for Google
    Research the competition and discover the right keywords for your business
    It may require some content and images from your end, but I can take the lead on that
    I would also use 5 hours (an hour a week) so you have new posts and images optimized on a weekly basis
    There are no guarantees of ranking or anything other than I will provide the Google listing with the benefit of my expertise and knowledge

    If we agre a starting date then you add me as an Owner on your manager section of Google My Business USER > ADD MANAGER or see this tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwVSbT8e9AU
    You can remove me anytime thereafter

    Once I receive the GMB invite to access, I will start the process and send an invoice

    Thanks in advance for your enquiry