Google give 2GB storage away

CATEGORY / News, Security TAGS / google, guide, maintenance AUTHOR / admin DATE / February 9, 2016

Last year to help celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, Google offered an extra 2 GB  of storage to your Google account for free.

Now if your anything like me your Gmail and Google docs soon add up and an additional 2 GB of free Drive storage to your Google account is always welcome.

To qualify just make sure you complete the Google Security Checkup on this page.

You then just check some security credentials to make sure everything looks correct, eg correct security email and phone number, and you can chose to revoke access to various accounts and 3rd party software. In effect it is the 2GB carrot to encourage you to do something you should do from time to time.

Your Google Account is protected by the most advanced online security. Keeping these settings up-to-date safeguards your account even more. The weakest link is probably YOU. Google did the same thing last year for Safer Internet Day, and it sure would be nice if they kept at it. We don’t yet know when this offer will expire, but last year you had a week to complete the checkup.

Google Gives free 2GB

Make sure you pass on this great news to all your Google friends.

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