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There is a MASSIVE change to how Google will rank your web site  from 21st April 2015. But unusually Google has let webmasters know before hand. Normally they make the change to an algorithm without telling you and suddenly you find your site losing traffic as you try and work out what has just happened.

Why are Google making such a massive change to how your site is ranked? Google explains, “The aim is to put customers first”.

Understandably with almost 50% of web visitors using mobiles or other small screen devices, Google wants web sites to accommodate mobile visitors by making there web site “Mobile Friendly”.

“Google will begin prioritizing mobile-friendly sites because that’s what users have grown to expect” –  Maile Ohye, developer programs tech lead for Google.

Do not despair as there a couple of simple steps to follow below to confirm you are ready for the Google update.

Follow our simple guide for peace of mind

  1. Check your website is mobile-friendly using the Google Webmaster Tool.

  2. If it is not mobile-friendly then contact us now and let us fix it.

Mobile friendly fix for Google web sites

Remember you are either mobile-friendly or not, there are no degrees of mobile-friendliness in this Google algorithm.

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