Portfolio of web design

Performance Edge Consulting is a company ran by Steve Ward. Steve has used our services for many years.

The website, design and branding, has been created by Zanet Design and is a progression from the successful High Performance Global business.

Steve works with banks, funds, energy companies and proprietary trading groups in 29 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia focused on enhancing trader, fund manager and frontline markets professionals performance through coaching, training and consulting around performance, psychology and physiology.

Our client required a complete solution for selling books, and DVD recordings.

We handheld our client and worked with them to get the best results, advising them at all parts of the process. A final design and build was created and tested and signed off by our delighted client. Our client was thrilled with the results and has recommended us to other clients.

Visit the website at https://performanceedgeconsulting.co.uk/