Michael Hemming is an excellent local artist in the Bournemouth area.
Over the past decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with Mike on his Euneka projects and early artist sites.
As Mike has grown as an artist, we have been commissioned to advise and grow the site with him.

Mike recently required design ideas for a new simplified home page to host his artwork. Simplicity is essential as the highlight should be on the artwork, not the web design. Additionally an eCommerce shop is required to take sales of artwork and to take bookings for workshops and courses but enabling the the site to look even more professional.

Each phase of progress for the artist has enabled him to move forward and become known as an authority in the art world.
During the process of building the shop we also looked at a rebuild of the site with a simple facility to sell immediately from the product page from updates by the artist himself.

The footer on the site is designed to enable social media interaction and building his Mailchimp list.

Visit the website at https://www.michaelhemming.co.uk/