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Your website is critical to your business. My Wordpress Website Care Plans make sure that there's always someone looking after it.

Let's start the conversation by asking you a question. Do you want to employ a web guy on your payroll? In other words, how much would an annual wage cost to your business? Maybe you have the skills to maintain your website yourself. That's fine, though it could be time spent managing other areas of your business, that's where my WordPress Website Care Plan comes in.

The reality of why you need my WordPress website management services

Being honest, you just don't have time to manage the website or update it. That what most of my clients have told me. Then they take advantage of my various website care packages. This is a cost-effective way where I can act on your behalf each month keeping your web site updated and free of issues. You get a small invoice, in return, you get an experienced web designer on tap when you need me.

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  • I want to Collaborate with you and your business.
  • Do you need a website guy that's always available?
  • Do you want a website manager that understands the best solutions for your small business?
  • One that has helped local business since 1999?
  • Yet selective as to who I work with?
  • A track record of honesty and reliability?
I'm a specialist in website maintenance, website management and Wordpress websites providing design, development, integration and support.

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