How To Add Photos in Google My Business To Get Huge Traffic!

Welcome to Day 18 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 18

Let's Look At My Best Practices for Google My Business Photos.

Should You GeoTag? Are there certain requirements? Does Google understand each photo? Did you know you need specific photos for specific types of business?

If Your Serious About Getting Huge Traffic, Then Adding The correct Photos Is Very Rwarding!


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 Introduction to maximising photos
  • 0:40 Proof Google understands photos
  • 1:20 What Google looks for in business images
  • 2:30 Questions on your brand photos
  • 3:10 Google My Business Logo photo explained
  • 5:09 GMB wants recent & relevant photos
  • 6:02 Use Google Images search engine
  • 6:30 Insights & Support shows you which photos work
  • 9:00 Great photos are best kept simple

Are you aware of types of business-specific photos in Google My Business? If not then make sure you dont miss the part in my vidoe tutorial above where I show you how Google inteligently understands photos and knows if the photo object is relvant to your business, its mindblowing!

The biggest amount of SEO impact can come from photos. It offers brand recognition, built in keywords, a unique understanding of your business and Google is throwing traffic at it. Photos in Google My Business are amongst the most misunderstood optimisation on the GMB lisitng

If you missed any of this series then make sure you head over to Boost My Business page, as it has a list of all the video tutorials there.

Throughout this series of 30 videos there are many other useful tools, many are free or chrome extensions. If you have missed any, then start here at Day 1 then just follow the video suggestions in order in the playlist.

Today's Quote is from Zanet Design! “A picture (or photo) is worth a thousand keywords.”

Questions to be honest with...

Sometimes you need to reflect on your approach so far on Google My business. Go and open up your knowledge panel, or search for your brand in Google. Now ask these questions below. THe idea is it will help Maximise the impact of your photos and brand so you get new business and new traffic.

  • How strong is your Style, brand identity?
  • Is your logo professional or amateurish?
  • Is it obvious what your logo represents or is it childish amateurish?
  • Does each image support your business ... A Facebook wild party could damage it
  • When did you last upload a great photo?

Useful Google My Business Links

Make sure you don't miss any of these useful links and of course subscribe to the full free course.

Cover photo control

How can you change the cover photo?

We found the easiest way was to take control by changing the website cover photo. This within 10 minutes gave instant control over Google selection for what shows at the top of the knowledge panel.

Banksy - "It's a very frustrated feeling you get when the only people with good photos of your work are the police department."

When you upload Google My Business Photos, keep in mind...

  • Google can tell if you are using stock photography or not
  • Google Vision AI can determine an image object, relevancy, and topical associations
  • Use your own original photos and graphics whenever possible on your web pages
  • Optimize your images for proper size
  • Optimize your images for maximum loading speed
  • Take advantage of alt tags and file name to benefit your SEO efforts

Consider doing this Today with your photos in Google My Business

  • Ask customers to submit photos
  • Get 3 new interior / Exterior photos
  • Check your insights, what got views?
  • Add new team and products"


Comment below on how do you find the order of photos - frustrating? The order of photos is selected by the Google algorithm and therefore you have no control

Tomorrow, if it's all getting a bit too much for you, I will take care of that

In tomorrows video Day 19, I will show you in my vidoe how you can get a 2nd pair of hands! With so much to do in Google My Business, how can you get others to manage GMB for you?


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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