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This Video Will Explain How To Use Google My Business Q & A To Get Clients Trust

Google My Business Q&A Is A Powerful Tool For Local SEO. Understated and often not used. Google My Business Questions & Answers are similar to your websites FAQs. The idea is to provide support and encourage trust by answering and empathising with your potential clients.

But where can you find the Questions and Answers in GMB? Where do you add these Q & A posts? Also, can you answer your own questions it is that considered wrong in Google's eyes? All these along with tips on where to get questions from and how to write them are covered in today's video.


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  • 0:00 Introduction to Google My Business Q&A
  • 0:45 Questions and Answers in GMB
  • 1:15 Pixels on your knowledge panel
  • 2:20 what type of questions?
  • 2:55 produces customer engagement
  • 3:25 Google My Business Q&A for website
  • 4:50 Answer all questions on GMB
  • 5:20 How to get a Q&A to the top
  • 6:30 Tips on Google My Business Q&A's
  • 7:30 How to add Questions & Answers
  • 10:15 Things to do today for your business

Every business owner knows that there are several ways to get new clients. Advertising is one but in Googles eyes they are rewarding businesses at the moment with a powerful GMB lisiting. So don't forget to optimise your GMB listing by not missing one valuable lesson in this 30 day series.

If you have just joined us then you need to go to Day 1: if you haven't seen it yet.

Why Questions and Answers are important in Google My Business

To put it into context, imagine going to a business and they spoke your language, knew your concerns, empathised with your issues and would want to do business with them, right?

You see them as the authority to go to. You recommend them to others because they understand your concerns. So what gives you this? Questions and Answers in Google My Business. Lets see how we add them and what to add.

Better Questions and Answers

"Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." - Tony Robbins


So here is everything you need to know to make the most of these amazing tools. - look at People Also Ask in the search area

Answer The Public -

Questions to be honest with include:

If you run a business ask them what questions they have, look at your comments on your blog, the emails with questions. Connect with your audience

  • Have you an FAQ section on your website?
  • Does it align with your questions?
  • When did you last check your Q and A's were answered?
  • Do you have the most common question to the top?

Anyone can ask a question

Remember anyone with a Google account can ask a question and also anyone can answer, so take control by using the thumbs up tip in the video above.

Write a descriptive question and answer. Make it specific. Don't just answer yes or no, anticipate their need, and then sell your service if appropriate.

Add an faq to the website - add a contact form (contact 7) to get feedback - or read blog questions - check your listing and answer everything - check google - check

A Question for you

Each Day I ask a True or False question for you to consider, so here are today's: Questions and Answers have no relevance in the Google My Business algorithm - True or False?

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