Why Your Google My Business Categories Aren't Right

Welcome to Day 3 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business


Google My Business Categories Aren't Always Right. Especially if you haven't checked them for some time.

It's an ever-changing optimization that you may have not realized. As Google focuses on more defined and niche businesses, you may be missing out on an area of business that could easily rank and bring in profitable business for you. It's the primary category that helps you stand up and get counted when Google ranks your business in the 3 pack and map results!


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 Introduction to the importance of Categories
  • 1:10 Example of category confusion
  • 2:00 Should you use 7 categories in GMB?
  • 2:55 Importance of primary category
  • 3:47 GMB Crush is awesome for category ideas
  • 4:30 Pleper helps for Google My Business Categories
  • 5:05 How to handle multiple business categories
  • 6:30 How to choose the right GMB categories
  • 8:35 What You need to do today

So today I tackle several dilemmas most business owners face.

Did you know GMB has and adds new categories all the time. Most business managers have never considered how the category is a major factor in where they rank. If you have just joined us then you need to go to Day 1: https://youtu.be/Nv9-WdiwKcs if you haven't seen it yet.


Are all your chosen categories, truly reflective of what you offer customers?

Think it through from a clients perspective not a search engine. Choosing your "Priority category" is similar to the process of deciding which section of the Yellow Pages index


Add all 7 categories to maximize traffic exposure? Let me have your comments below or on the comment section of the Youtube video.

Remember, if the category you choose as a primary or secondry isnt highly relevant, then it would disappoint a client. Imagine McDonald's advertise a fine dining service, they don't, this could cause extremely negative impact as customers are disappointed. So it comes back to the same question. Are all your categories, truly reflective of what you offer customers?

Today lesson 3 uses the amazing GMB Crush. For the free tools used in the video go to these useful links.


You can have up to 7 categories

Primary is what counts though, so focus on getting that right first

The secondary category is not so important

With GMB crush, you can see what others do in Google maps, so this is a helpful free tool

Sometimes there is a category you didn't know about...also Google keeps adding new categories, so that where most business owners miss out.

Additionally though you can sometimes have a busines that has quite different categories. Almost poles apart. In the vidoe we take a look at how to handle these differences, so dont miss that part if you skipped any of it. See image below

Google My Business Categories - Do This Today

  1. Analyze your category as they do get updated
  2. Find out what is the competition is doing
  3. Add secondary only if it makes sense

Tomorrow I look at choosing a clever way to boost your ranking

Having the right category can bring in great traffic, but there is something even bigger than categories. I will reveal in tomorrows video what this is. So don't miss this one by subscribing here on my Youtube channel.


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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