Google My Business Insights Reports Explained To Find New Customers

Welcome to Day 15 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 15

Would You Like to Google My Business Insights Explained?

Getting the Most Out of Your GMB Insights is the key to new customers. .

We look a REAL insights reports in today's video and especially the new performance reports


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 GMB insights explained
  • 0:40 Insights shows you what works
  • 1:40 What Google says about insights
  • 2:30 Real GMB insights report analysis
  • 4:30 Keywords in new insights report
  • 6:40 Building brand with E-A-T
  • 7:20 Measuring branding in Insights
  • 8:30 Understanding Google My Business
  • 10:15 Do this on your insights

If you missed any of this series then make sure you head over to Boost My Business page, as it has a list of all the video tutorials there.

With GMB Insights, you suddenly get a clear understanding of what went on. its the key to the lock. No longer are you guessing or experimenting, your now understanding. Google My Business is a great tool for increasing your website ranking and social media presence.

Throughout this series of 30 videos there are many other useful tools, many are free or chrome extensions. If you have missed any, then start here at Day 1 then just follow the video suggestions in order in the playlist.

What Is Covered In The GMB Insights Video Above

Google tells us im the quote above from there support page "Knowing which Google platform is driving traffic to your business gives you an insight into the intention of your potential customers."- Google

  • We look at why GMB Insights is the key to finding new customers.
  • Is there a simple way to find out how visitors react to all those changes you have made on Google My Business?
  • Can you get clues as to what's working and what's not in GMB?

Most businesses have a secret locked door, but without the key, they have no way of finding the way of opening it. Yet the key is easily found with the report that is found within the control panel of GMB. Just log in and there it is on the left hand menu.

Insights are the key to more customers. It will help you locate keywrods that bring in real traffic to your business, it also helps you understand how your being contacted and if your branding is working. In the video I share a couple of business insights reports with you.

Today's video will show you How To Use Google My Business Insights to build a foolproof plan. Make sure you don't miss any by subscribing here for more tips:

Questions to be honest with...

  • Go to your insights - What worked?
  • In your insights - What hasn't worked?
  • What keywords and images brought in traffic?
  • Will you make a plan from this information?

Google My Business Insights have had several updates. This means Google sees it as important. Take a look if you havent seen it with its new look.

Google My Business Insights Explained

This is What You Can Learn from Google My Business Insights:

  • Where users came from (e.g. Google Search or Google Maps)
  • Actions taken (e.g. visiting your website or requesting directions)
  • Common words and phrases queries that led people to your profile
  • How your posts are performing with potential customers (through the Post Insights feature)
  • You can use this information to understand how potential customers find your profile and interact with it.

Now you have looked at your insights, What are you going to change over the next 2 weeks?


Do you use Google insights or other analytics to help your business grow?

Tomorrow S E O O

SEOO, yes find out what this means in tomorrows video


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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