How To Use A Google My Business Messaging App

Welcome to Day 8 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business


Fast Business Interaction Through GMB Messaging App

Messaging Through the Google My Business App Is A Connection That Will Guarantee Customer Engagement. That's a big claim but why its only day 8 and we are going to go through it together in todays video tutorial

In the past, communication between people was done either face to face, using the telephone, or by writing letters or fax. Now, we live in a world where electronic communication has taken over. email, SMS and instant messaging.

Have you noticed how Google has been pushing messaging recently within Google My Business and Google Maps. Fast Business Interaction Is a Big Factor To Make Google My Business a useful place


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  • 0:00 Introduction to communication
  • 0:45 GMB Messaging App will help your business
  • 1:10 Can setup direct messaging n google my business app
  • 2:00 Insights show traffic for messages
  • 2:25 Google notes response time in app
  • 3:20 How to turn on messaging in desktop
  • 4:22 Communication and messaging will need adaption
  • 5:50 Allow customers to decide
  • 6:15 Installing the Google My Business app
  • 6:40 em]nabling notifications and messages in app

If you have just joined us, you will notice we are now a week into a 30 day challenge. So to really boost your business you need to go to Day 1: if you haven't seen it yet.

Why GMB App makes sense in Business terms

The Google My Business App and desktop version of it, complement each other and can offer different functionality. Do you have the app on your phone but never use it? Have you considered just using the app for messaging?

Use the app for posts and also you can then keep your listing updated. You can also use the app for images and basic maintenance.

"There will be two types of businesses in the next 5 years, those that are on the Internet, and those that are out of business.” ― Bill Gates

How engaging is the GMB app or live chat and messaging?

From my own personal experience, I bought a phone literally through a dynamic feature on a mobile website. You could do the same if it fits your type of business.

If you want to answer customers directly then try it out. The engagement with customers is amazing. Text is always a quick reply on the go, but often that's all a customer needs before they purchase a product or service.

Another reason a customer may communicate with you is because its pushed by Google on your knowledge panel to do so. They can get a quote using a big blue quote button. Why not answer them with a link to a promotion. Maybe a coupon?

Setting up the Google My Business Messaging App

So set up the app on your mobile, it will provide customer engagement which is so important in building trust. Use the Google My Business app as most business owners aren't doing this.

Insights report needs to be on to pick up the messages and traffic it produces, so enable messaging for it to get captured in your reports in your settings. Look at the checkboxes in settings as there are other things to enable while you are there see video for more details of how to do this.

If you enable customer messages, you need to be alert as it can be a quick fire session if you get a lot of traffic! Have in mind these are the types of things to enable and then look out for:

  • Customer Reviews, You need to respond quickly here
  • Q and As, seems a little buggy but a question will alert you
  • Bookings and quotes
  • Customer Photos added
  • Health profile, questions on hours or holidays ...this gives signals to Google, very important as it builds accuracy and trust
  • Personalised insights, this is massively important
  • You can turn on and off reports, stats insights too

How I use my GMB messaging app and what you should do today

I have it always open. So make sure you open up your app, respond to any reviews, comments, messages. make sure alerts are on, add a photo now - go on your desktop and see the photo

Enable Google My Business Messaging

Since Google launched Google My Business App, businesses can no longer enable or use messaging on desktop. You can only enable Google Business Messaging via Google My Business App.

To start, go to Settings... Messages. Then turn on the Messaging toggle and edit your welcome message.

Google My Business App : True or False Question

True or False - Do you use the App? Do you find the mobile App and the Desktop messaging compliment each other?

Have your say in the comments below

Tomorrow In Day 9 I will answers the most important questions

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