How To Use Google My Business Offer Posts Effectively To Boost Your Business

Welcome to Day 21 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 21

Google My Business Offer Posts Can Be A Really Effective SEO Tool For Your Business

In Today's Video I'll Show You How To Use Google My Business Offer Posts Effectively To Boost Your Business.

I'll cover the methods I use and how to be inspired to write great offer posts to bring in more traffic.


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  • 0:00 Introduction to Google My Business Offer Posts
  • 0:30 Importance of Offer Posts
  • 0:54 Has Heading 2 Tag in HTML for SEO
  • 1:30 GMB Post Offer Inspiration
  • 3:00 Some Questions on GMB Offers
  • 3:30 How to appeal with Offers
  • 4:35 Google My Business Post Strategy
  • 6:35 The reason this process works
  • 7:36 What to do with your offers

From the local SEO point of view, the most powerful post is an Offer post.

It's the only post that uses a powerful H2 tag in the post article and remains for 1 year after release if the date of the offer hasn't expired.

If you missed any of this series then make sure you head over to Boost My Business page, as it has a list of all the video tutorials there.

Throughout this series of 30 videos there are many other useful tools, many are free or chrome extensions. If you have missed any, then start here at Day 1 then just follow the video suggestions in order in the playlist.

Today's Quote is from Garrison Wynn "No communication takes place until the other person feels heard"

What type of offers can you use though?

The GMB Offer Post doesn't have to be a coupon, just make a statement.

It's like an advert. In fact take a look at tv adverts. These adverts can inspire you to come up with offers that are currntly proven to work

How I Use Google My Business Offers

I have a very specific process. To provide new posts and offers using a couple of tools to keep the content new and fresh


SURFERLOCAL - New customers are within reach! Check, track, and optimize your Google My Business profile, at least 10x faster.

AUTOWRITER - Rewrite or repurpose any of your content across GMB avoiding double content

Questions to be honest with...

  • How many offers do you have currently? - You can have more than one offer post at the same time. But only the latest one will show, so it's better to spread them out if you can.
  • Think what offer can you give that is going to catcher interest from customer?
  • What would REALLY appeal to your customers?
  • What offers have you noticed for yourself recently?

Know and Do This Today

From THis Article and Video You now know that Offer posts seems to have a lot more weight to this type of post

We would suggest it's the most powerful post. It seems to have a lot more weight in SEO terms. It can be used to give a little snippet in the map pack. Google understands the offer and serves it when it's relevant. This helps your business get extra exposure and found more often. Interstingly it holds the keywords in a snippet and puts them in bold.

Offers can remain all the year round, so thats even more powerful

Just try them out today. It doesn't have to be a coupon. You could just make a statement. Like the TV advert we mentioned earlier. Try repurposing or restructuring content you have released in the past to attract your audience.


Comment below on your post offers. Do you use offers effectively?

Cant wait to do tomorrows video...

In Day 22, I'm going to show you one feature that is growing in Google more than any other! Also I will show you an amazing tool that will reveal what Google is currently rewarding


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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