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Google My Business Reviews Bring Credibility For you & Help Build Trust.

But it's not all about that alone. Most GMB managers misunderstand how it all works. Today I will explain the link and the differences.

So it's not all about ranking listings in categories based on your customer ratings. A signal to Google is a powerful part of building your local SEO ranking. Google My Business rankings are not just based on reviews. In the video, I take you to Blackpool to illustrate the way it works.


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  • 0:00 Google My Business signals explained
  • 1:30 Ranking is not as simple as you think
  • 2:12 Keywords found in ratings
  • 2:35 relevant diverse quantity ratings
  • 3:25 How important are Google reviews?
  • 4:32 Why Google ratings and reviews are important
  • 5:54 How to set up google reviews using keywords
  • 6:57 KW finder by Mangols For Keywords
  • 8:05 How to get reviews on google my business

Do you focus on how to get reviews on google my business because its a clear way of ranking?

One of the biggest misunderstood ranking myths is explained today. If you have just joined us then you need to go to Day 1: if you haven't seen it yet.

Do You Understand How Google Reviews Work with the Algorithm?

What's the difference between Roll A Ball Donkey Derby and your GMB listing? Not much, Why, you say. Let me explain the Roll A Ball Donkey Derby and show you how it works in the video above. Each time the hole is filled the horse moves ahead of the others. Now take that principle and apply it to your listing.

Google My Business Algorithm has several signals it's looking for. Every time someone clicks or finds or ask for directions on Google Maps, or uses the GMB app and clicks to messaging. You receive it on your app and respond. This is asignal. These little signals are also ratings or thumbs up or a signal of trust to help move your listing up on the ranking. Today we will look at what will encourage customers to Click Thru on your listing or knowledge panel, the secret is ratings and reviews

A Useful Way to Boost Credibility

"Pay attention to negative feedback and solicit it, particularly from friends." - Elon Musk

I use Mangools KWFINDER TOOL. This tool will provide you with all the keywords needed to understand the importance of certain keywords needed to be mentioned within your customer ratings and reviews. Suggest these and you are in a great postion to be recommended fo important words used by potential customers.

Although reviews are important to the GMB algorithm, it's the power of human choice that impacts.

Now more than ever, consumers rely upon online ratings and reviews to assess the brand reputation and quality of their product or service. Hence, it’s safe to say that a large number of positive, yet authentic reviews would result in higher rankings on SERPs.

When you get a review, be careful. How you respond to these reviews is really important. It shows you are legitimate. Negative reviews are even mor of a danger so be careful. Take a look at the video down below for some really helpful tips.

Great Google My Business Reviews Have Effected You

Do you subconsciously gravitate towards those with great reviews?

Reviews on Google provide you and your customer's valuable information about your business. Let me show you that ranking is not the algorithm. This is a simplistic assumption that many make. Let me show you on a random search and explain what may have happened in the video above.

Constructive criticism can be useful. Don't block it all out. Consider it and make up your own mind.

eBay, Amazon, trip advisor all have reviews. Although reviews are important to the GMB algorithm, it's the power of human choice that impacts. So if you want to bring these reviews onto your website, there are some amazing plugins you can use which will will cover in a future episode.

A Question for you

True or False: Reviews are the most important factor to get into the Google Map Pack

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55% said True! -- misunderstood needs more clarity as it could be

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