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Welcome to Day 11 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 11

Google My Business Website Builder Is available and few use it. In today's video tutorial challenge, I will explain why it should be used. Also, A look at some authority Google gives away to other citations. If you don't know or understand these tips then this is going to be a really valuable video tutorial for your business.

Google credits you with a lot of authority even from other indexes and citations.

When you register your business through GMB, you immediately will get a boost to your business in the search engine. Let me explain why this is the case in day 11 of my 30 day Guide For Google My Business.


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 Introduction to Website Builder video
  • 0:30 Understanding Googles authority
  • 1:06 Is Google vulnerable or needing assurance
  • 2:20 rating and Nap so important
  • 2:35 EAT Expert Authority Trust
  • 3:48 Creating the Google My Business Website
  • 5:02 Business Website Builder Tips
  • 7:05 Fill out all 5 pages in builder
  • 8:24 What the GMB builder teaches us
  • 11:04 Try free Bright local scan tool

Google My Business Website Builder is free and has quite a lot of authority in Google as it sits on Google's domain. With a large domain authority, it will be another important factor in passing link juice to your business. More links and juice will help you rank #1 in Google. Did you miss Day 1 ? Then head there right now to get the context.


Admittedly the free website is not the smartest of designs, but it's a powerful free business website. That's 2 simple ways to increase your authority in GMB

The free business website can help you maximize your rank in Google the biggest search engine. It's off by default, you can turn the website on from within the control panel. Why would you need it? Maybe you need a website as its certainly great as a starting point. But it has quite a lot of hidden value in SEO terms. Also it can showcase your products and reviews. True, it is not that customizable, certainly better than nothing.

  • It's a mobile-friendly website
  • It can be found in the search results.
  • It uses the google domain see site: business.Google
  • It uses the google domain see site: business.Google
  • If you have a website, it's still worth turning on.

In the left-hand side click on the menu, publish the website. Why is it useful? Pulls in all the GMB info and gives a page with posts, reviews, events a gallery, with map info opening hours, address etc etc. It's an example of what Google wants to see. Automaticly updates as you update GMB

As you add GMB content, the free website updates perfectly and is out there. It's a small site builder that gives you an introduction to CMS.

Why do it? It's digital marketing for free. It's another way to support your brand. It pushes competion down. It gives you insight into what Google values.

If you don't have a website, add the free website URL on your gmb. Will show on Google maps.

It's another signal to Google, you put more data into Google.


These are the most important things to consider in todays GMB challenge

  • Is your GMB website live?
  • Is it filled out with keywords (see day 10)
  • Does your free google website builder have all 5 pages?
  • Does the Google My Business Website branding align as best as possible?
  • What does it do better than your actual website?


The free tool I use in the vidoe is a free scan tool from Bright Local at(

  1. Run the free scan tool
  2. ....make adjustments on inconsistencies
  3. Optimise your free website with branding
  4. Search for it in google

Google My Business Outside Authority

Why does Google give emphasis to other authorities? Google could be considered vulnerable. It can be influenced. So using the web provides a reliable overview of a business's authority.

Today as the video title suggests, I'm looking at the external influences on your GMB and you may be surprised that Google is more powerful when it looks at the outside world for reassurance

Dont always focus on Google as other indexes, companaies and citations do effect Google

For example, Bing Yahoo, Apple maps, are some of the others to consider

So with some help its worth setting up other business listings as long as they are supportive and consistent

Always consistent...shows trustworthy

Tomorrow I look at the tools you need for keywords

Keyword Research in Google My Business is essential, its just got very easy with the tools I'm going to show you tomorrow.


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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