How Google My Business Photos Bring Huge Views

Welcome to Day 4 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business


We hit day 4 of our 30-day challenge and this is going to have an impact on your traffic almost immediately.

Currently, Google wants to reward photos and videos as long as they meet the right criteria. If you get this right then huge traffic from customers finding your photos is awaiting. It's all about getting the right photos.

So with my tutorial today I'm going to explain everything you need to know and then give you a free cheat sheet to use each time you upload for the rest of the month.


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 Introduction to Google My Business photos
  • 0:40 The photo challenge today
  • 1:18 Today cheat sheet
  • 1:35 Google is intelligent with photos
  • 2:50 Importance of emotions in photo research
  • 4:08 What's your thoughts on photos images?
  • 5:10 Photos impact traffic in Google My Business
  • 6:10 Honest reflection on your photos
  • 8:05 Examples of great GMB business photos
  • 9:50 Customer reviews photos are a priority
  • 10:50 How to get the 360 video added for free
  • 11:48 Huge traffic impact immediately
  • 12:25 Follow the GMB photo image cheat sheet

So today it's all about understanding what customers and Google expect to see when the look at your photos and make decisons based on what they see.

Being part of a 30 day challenge, it would be a shame to not catch the lessons in progressive order. If you have just joined us then you need to go to Day 1: if you haven't seen it yet.

Photos clearly have an impact on traffic views

Take a look at the stats below. After a long study it became apparent the Google is clearly rewarding good clear images for businesses.

Photos bring emotions

"The visual image is a kind of tripwire for the emotions." - Diane Ackerman

It's true that photos are really important. Think of emotions and feelings from photos of food. Think how important it is for flower shops, cleanliness, professionalism all are recognized by Google and its photo recognition software.

Google My Business 360 Video Photos

Add 360 for free here. The 360 video for Google My Business is using street view app

GMB IMage Cheat Sheet

I think its a great idea to know what your looking for with your photo images, so below is the simple cheet sheet for you to go to your business photo area nad just run through it.

  • Check no doubles
  • Check it's relevant
  • How to add team
  • Add regularly
  • Profile photo of the logo as a square...helps with branding
  • Cover photo Of backdrop and landscape, team or storefront
  • Use interior, exterior photos
  • Ask customers to add photos
  • Keep adding brings loads of traffic to add regular fresh photos
  • Never use nonrelevant photos
  • Use 800 px or more width, can crop if needed


True or false, When uploading images in GMB, you should use a relevant keyword in the file name of a photo eg "keyword.jpg" 77% said true on our YouTube community

Have your say in the comments below

Do you think you must use keywords in an imange or photos file name for SEO benefits?

Google My Business video tutorials

You may find these videos helpful if you want to expand your understanding on GMB photos and images.

Google My Business Photos - Ask Yourself

  1. Do your images really look great, or was it what was ever on the phone when you registered your business?
  2. What value do your photos bring your customers
  3. Could any photo do more damage than good?
  4. Do your cover and logo images complement your branding?

Tomorrow In Day 5 your business ranking is effected by your mindset

Having the right mindset is what most business lack. This change in thinking is a large part of SEO, but few are able to adopt it for the long term benefits. I will reveal in tomorrows video what this is and how to adopt it for your business. So don't miss this video article by subscribing here on my Youtube channel.


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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