How I Create GMB Posts To Find New Customers

Welcome to Day 14 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 14

Today's video reveals how I create Google My Business posts to find new customers in locations nearby. Day 7, 14, 21 & 28 we are adding a GMB post.

Follow my technique and you will have a stackload of subjects to write about on your GMB post area. These posts will help improve your local SEO. Which in turn will bring in more customers. This is part of my 30 Day Boost My Business series.

Today's video tutorial is a lesson that you can use. It's a case of following along with me as I start wrting my optimised Google My Business posts


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 Introduction To GMB Posts
  • 0:29 How To Write A GMB Posts Tutorial
  • 1:18 Today's question for you
  • 3:15 Where posts show on the Knowledge Panel
  • 4:30 Understand proximity & location
  • 6:18 Adding the services to post tip
  • 7:42 How to make several new posts
  • 9:50 Adding a photo to post tip

If you missed day 7 head over to

Google My Business is a great tool for increasing your website ranking and social media presence. You can leverage Google's My Business to boost your SEO and your content. Here are tips, tools, and information on verifying and promoting your business with GMB!

Throughout this series of 30 videos there are many other useful tools, many are free or chrome extensions. If you have missed any, then start here at Day 1 then just follow the video suggestions in order in the playlist.

Create Your GMB Posts By Doing This

  • Make a list of geographical lists cities suburbs
  • Dig into areas that have no competition
  • Include neighbourhood with services and other keyword references

Don't just read about it, or watch it, try it. These posts are perfect for improving your local SEO. Combined this with the previous days tools and tips by day 30, you would expect to see your listing improving your business. Make sure you don't miss any by subscribing here for more tips:

Then do this...

  • Make a list of geographical lists cities suburbs, dig into areas that have no competition. include neighbourhood, references
  • In Google maps look at the large and small zooms in and out
  • Proximity is important, but if you don't mention it in the post it can't rank you...
  • The list includes even what searchers might take
  • Now combine the list with your product or service in or categories
  • Post focus attack one city and one In keyword
  • Keyword-city.jpg
  • One post each day would be amazing!
  • In the post, use keyword and city in the first paragraph

Questions on Google My Business Posts

  • What stops you from publishing weekly?
  • Will you join me in a week's time to post again?
  • Did you post day 7?

Tips For Adding Local Google My Business Posts

So we are using posts again (7 days ago we last added one) but this is more about communication SEO. We are wantoing to find new corners of your local area. Areas that are untouched by your competitors.

There are some easy wins here today and I'm giving you a step by step guide to findingthem in your location. I call them location posts. Their purpose is for you to be found in your location and local city and town


Local SEO is only limited to your address...have your say, what is your strategy?

Tomorrow I'm unlocking a powerful piece of data

Is there a simple way to find out how visitors react to all those changes you have made on Google My Business? Can you get clues as to what's working and what's not in GMB?


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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