How To Add An Offer in Google My Business x 2

Welcome to Day 17 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 17

You'll be familiar with the knowledge that Google My Business has offers under posts.

Post Offers are one of the most useful ways of engaging new customers to come to your business.

Most are aware of the main way to provide an offer is through posts. But did you know there's a hidden offer too?


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  • 0:00 Introduction to Google My Business Offers
  • 0:15 2 types of offers in Google
  • 1:00 Ideas for adding a post offer
  • 2:15 Where customer offers appear
  • 3:06 Try these offers in Google My Business
  • 4:44 Offers For Your Business
  • 5:15 The unknown offer for followers
  • 7:08 What you need to do

The majority of people have never seen this area before. In today's video, I'm going to show you what that offer is and how you can optimize it. Most people don't realise the 2 types of Google My Business offers

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Today's Quote is from Zanet Design! “An offer of desperation will need more than a deodorant.”

Questions to be honest with...

First of all let's just consider for a moment how can you write a good offer on Google My Business. An offer that's going to work and get you new business and new traffic.

  • What offers have worked on you?
  • Are there offers that are working for your competitors?
  • Is your content sincere and helpful?
  • What would be a really great offer?

The Missing Offer in Google My Business

The majority of people have never seen this offer area before. In the video above I show you where it comes from, so dont miss seeing the tutorial. There I show you what that offer is and how you can optimize it. Most people don't realise this is a 2nd type of Google My Business offer.

So for clarity the 2 offers are:

  1. Offer in GMB posts
  2. Google My Business: Offer Discounts to New Followers in the app

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Try these types of Offers

  • Standard Offer Post In GMB
  • Think of the users intent
  • Trial and see what is working and what works
  • Use Starts and expires dates
  • Much more useful to use percentage off offers
  • Starts Next week works well
  • Free shipping
  • Promo code
  • Percentage
  • Special price
  • Shop come in and say "hello" for or free coffee

Offer should go accross all parts of the business

Try and tie in the GMB offer with your shop and with your online e-commerce cart on your website.

Also add a link to redeem the offer. You could create a landing page on your website. This is really powerful espcially if you add tracking code to analyse its effect.

Offer in print?

You don't have to have an aoffer printed offf these days. You can also try

  • A pdf coupon
  • Or just show the offer on a phone

GMB Offers help local SEO

  • Why not Add an offer post now that has worked in the past
  • Think in terms of tasters in a supermarket - give and it bring results
  • Offer Discounts to New Followers


Have you ever used Google My bsuiness Offers. Were they succesful?

Tomorrow, Images, photos, videos, few use them correctly

In tomorrows video Day 18, I will show you in my video where images and photos should be added and where to be careful!


1 month = 30 days of opportunity
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