How To Use Social Media Accounts For Google My Business To Boost Your Business

Welcome to Day 23 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 23

Google My Business needs Social Media to provide some type of reassurance. Seriously!

Do you use social media to support your Google My Business listing?

Although it's difficult to get all your accounts listed, knowing how to use your Social Media Accounts for Google My Business growth is important. It's day 23 and this is going to provide a large growth to your GMB listing in this 30 day challenge.


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 Introduction to GMB and Social Media
  • 0:28 Google uses other social media listings
  • 0:55 A vote of trust
  • 2:04 Social profile on Knowledge Panel
  • 4:13 Why Keep Social media updated
  • 5:58 Tool 1 For Adding Posts
  • 6:53 Tool 2 For Marketing
  • 7:32 Tool 3 Free Health Scan

It is a relationship in SEO that needs to be understood as its builds trust in Google and all other references to your business.

Call it symbiotic, cooperative, mutually beneficial or synergetic you like. If you missed any of this series then make sure you head over to Boost My Business page, as it has a list of all the video tutorials there.

On day 23 of the 30-day challenge, I ask what could you do to be more active with social media?

Your social media accounts can damage or enhance your business and it's so easy to fix. Today you will find out why it's damaging and how you can fix it.

Throughout this series of 30 videos there are many other useful tools, many are free or chrome extensions. If you have missed any, then start here at Day 1 then just follow the video suggestions in order in the playlist.

Today's Quote is from Jay Baer "The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army"

Today's 3 Free Tools

Social media shows your business is for real and legit. Does your website show in the main social media profiles?

  • Publer - You can use Publer for the Facebook Pages, Locations & Groups, Instagram Business accounts, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, Pinterest accounts, Google My Business locations and YouTube channels that you manage.
  • Marketing Google - be more active with social media? see videos attached!
  • Bright Local Listings Health Scanner - Here is a tool that will check your social media NAP and also check social media health scan on

Social for business ...NAP (Name, Address & Phone) is really important here

Anything said out there is like Google having a résumé on you.

Do This Today

  • Check Your Business on the Bright Local Tool above
  • Look to seewhen you last updated your social media accounts - is it looking good?
  • Try Publer as an easy way of updating them all with one click of a button


Comment below on your social media accounts. What do you use. Do they add to your GMB authority or damage it?.

Does Your Business Communication Let You Down?

In Day 24, a new way your customers communicate. You will need your mobile for this!


1 month = 30 days of opportunity SEE YOU TOMORROW
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