Maximise SALES Easily With Google My Business PRODUCTS

Welcome to Day 29 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 29

You Can Use Your Google My Business Product Posts to Maximise Your Sales and Fill Your Basket!

Every business owner wants to make more sales. So how easy is it to maximise buyers opportunities with Product Posts in Google My Business? It's pretty straightforward if you follow today's simple tutorial.

In this video Google My Business Tutorial, I'm going to show you how to set these products up, so they go straight into your shopping cart


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 30 seconds to add a product in GMB
  • 0:45 What is covered in this video
  • 1:25 Where are Google My Business Product Posts?
  • 2:00 Product Posts Categories
  • 3:40 Questions on Product Posts
  • 5:30 How to have a Product stand out
  • 6:58 Adding a product tutorial
  • 12:10 Add analytics UTM links to Google My Business

Most Businesses miss out on connecting the products they sell with the products in Google My Business.

Most don't really that it takes just 30 seconds to add a product that will take visitors straight from google to your shopping cart! Think how much more opportunities this will give your customers to buy your products. For all the vidoes in this series go to Boost My Business for the 30 Google My Business video tutorials.

Today's Quote is from Ashton Kutcher "In e-commerce, your prices have to be better because the consumer has to take a leap of faith in your product."

First things first with products

Check to see if you have products in your Google My Business control panel.

If not, it's the primary category that needs looking at.

When you do have products, then the next step is to make sure you have at least 4 product categories. These enable you to have keywords integrated into the categories

TIP: DON’T deletes the image from your photos – deleting the image will DELETE the product in Google products.

Questions regarding your products

  • Could you have the products packaged as time?
  • Could you animate your product?
  • Is there a way of tracking your products? - Yes there is see my video on UTM linking see link

Tracking UTM

So do you know that Google My Business can be tracked in analytics for business intelligence ? It’s true, yet it’s not a particularly well-known fact amongst small business owners. It’s easily done if you have the right tool and have a Google Analytics account setup.

Writing A Product Posts

Add animated products to stand out using gif on youtube or canva

Product post

  • Can you do a product post for every product you offer?
  • Buy now can go to the product page
  • Although it may not fully use it, remember you are giving info direct to Google, it's powerful
  • It may take a lot of time to do but get every option indexed
  • Look at other areas you buy for ideas
  • Look at what others are concerned about - Amazon is well tested

Do This Today

  • Does your GMB allow products?
  • Add product links directly to your shop cart
  • Maximise the 4 categories with keywords

No Time To ...SEO?

In Day 30 it's shaken but not stirred, it's all about the Google My Business SEO.

13 unmissable tips that you need to help you finish the 30 day challenge


1 month = 30 days of opportunity
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