Keyword Research in Google My Business

Welcome to Day 12 of My FREE 30 Day Google My Business Challenge To Boost Your Business

DAY 12

We talk a lot about keywords for local SEO. But lets nail how to do Keyword Research in Google My Business.

today I will give you the 7 tools and extensions I use to locate great keywords to get more traffic to my business and give it a boost through Google My Business and Google Maps

So this lesson is crucial and I've devoted 15 minutes to it (it was 30!)


1 month = 30 days of opportunity


  • 0:00 Introduction to keyword research
  • 0:20 Where to use keywords
  • 1:08 What are keywords?
  • 4:30 think about qualifiers in keywords
  • 5:35 7 Keyword Tools Boost My Business
  • 7:15 Rating keywords value
  • 10:08 My favourite tool
  • 12:35 The perfect keyword

Knowing How to do keyword research in Google My Business is more important than ever. Google now encourages business owners to include relevant keywords in their Google My Business listings, posts and (GMB) descriptions. Did you miss Day 1 ? Then head there right now to get the context.


Below are the 7 tools I use in the vidoe for my keyword research. Some of the links help support this channel

  1. Google ABC results:
  2. Google Keywords:
  3. Keywords Everywhere:
  4. SemRush:
  5. KWfinder:
  6. Surfer SEO
  7. Answer the public:

In the video I gave a bonus link for I search from: and of course be sure to subscribe for more tips:

What are keywords?

These are the words you use to find what you want

For example "window cleaner" Yet most potential customers don't type window cleaner

They use longer keywrds like:

  • window cleaner near me
  • window cleaner in Bournemouth
  • window cleaner nearby


These are called Long-Tail Keywords (3 to 5 words) , but they are a lot easier to get traffic

traffic = customers

Question what is the perfect keywords?

You want keywords with...

  1. high demand
  2. High buying intent
  3. Low competition.

Note if you are using the vidoe format on YouTube, "how to" get a lot of traffic with videos, especially if you add timestamps

Use keywords everywhere

Use keywords everywhere your business appears in search engines. Also consider theses areas...

  1. Web page
  2. Google My Business Knowledge panel
  3. GMB Free website
  4. Your products
  5. GMB offers
  6. Your posts and blog
  7. About page
  8. alt tags on images
  9. URL's
  10. Citations

Google Tools For keywords

  • Think about your categories
  • Type them into Google
  • Observe what Google highlights
  • Don't be scared, look for clues
  • Go to ubersuggest
  • Add your location and again do above
You should know what keywords Google thinks are important

Tomorrow I look at monitoring.

When you monitor your GMB growth and beat yourself that is going to really boost your business

Also discover 3 Easy strategies to improve your local SEO


1 month = 30 days of opportunitySEE YOU TOMORROW
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