Fact : Website Design Keeps Changing

I'll start by giving you some basic web site facts and figures. After that, I will look at a few local facts for my business.

Some facts about web design will never change. Lets start by saying web sites don't chug along forever. They need looking after and updates. Without care and maintenance thay can become a target for looking clumsey over time. Similarly web sites do have a shelf life, this article was written to analyse how long is too long.

3 Useful Website Design Facts

Good web design is heading in one direction. The idea of designing for a personal computer in the office is now buried. Google judges your website on how mobile friendly it is. More over, even responsive layouts aren't acceptable since the last Google update. Use our mobile friendly checker if you don't know what this means. However small business branding is one area that hasn't changed.

3 Useful Zanet Design Facts

Firstly, I'm historically consistent:

David Teague, Product Owner, Alterian
“I have worked with Zane for about 3 of years at Immediacy/Mediasurface/Alterian. More recently, I have been working with Zane on application UI designs required for the business, and have found him to have a keen eye for detail. He offers a great insight into how a user interacts with an interface, which is invaluable to the development effort. Above all, Zane is a hard working and conscientious individual, who is always helpful and willing to assist wherever he can.” September 2, 2009

Second, customers stay with me

Neil Taylor, Managing Director at Hydenlyne Limited
"Hydenlyne contracted Zane for the redesign of our company website. Right from the start Zane was professional and listened to our needs as a company. For instance, Zane is very detailed orientated, and will recommend improvements or suggestions where they are needed; while also keeping in mind the overall marketing power of the service he is providing. Above all, Hydenlyne have been very happy with Zane's work and would recommend him highly." December 16, 2014

Company Overview

In summary, I have over 24 Years web design experience in the Bournemouth & Poole area.

I Understand Your Challenges and Work With You & Your Business. Hosting, Design, Mobile Friendly Mailchimp Expert, Helping Small Local Businesses Manage Their Own Website. Or If You Need A Beautiful New Website Optimised For Mobiles and Other Devices I can Help. Make An Appointment By Calling 07952 304007 or 01202 461767



Where Zanet Design Come In

Of all the facts about web design you need to know is this. You can get your website on everyone's mobile. It's not difficult if you have the right web designer. If you need your website looking great on every customers mobile device. Yet your current live website Is dated and sucks on a mobile, then I can help. Let me show you how your website should look.

Other Services Include Branding, Hosting and Email Marketing Using Mailchimp.

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