Web design process

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Web Design Overview

One of the first things any potential customer will look at is your web site. Whether it is to build confidence, find out what others are saying, or just simply curious to know where you are and how long you have been around providing your services, in all cases, a great website and branding will make a strong visual impact and encourage confidence.

Web design steps

Never underestimate that your preparation and extra effort at the early stages of the web design process will have a massive impact on the end result. If you want your visitors to have an instant feeling of trust and offer them a fantastic experience, then you have arrived to the start of an exciting journey together, you and Zanet Design.

Below we have written articles to help with each stage of the process

Six steps to success

Your Brief 5%
Layout and mockups 30%
Design and style guide 50%
Functionality and content 70%
Quality assurance and launch 95%
On going updates and maintenance 100%

Step 1


Step 2


Step 4


Step 5

the brief the planning the design the build the launch the maintenance

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