Top 10 facts for todays Google mobile update

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So why is Google making one if its largest updates ever?

Why should today’s mobile update be of such great concern?

We hope you will find our top 10 facts helpful for today’s massive Google Mobile update.

  1. The update is to ensure mobile searchers find mobile-friendly results in search. Google do not want people on mobile devices being directed to sites that perform sub-optimally.
  2. The April 21st Google Mobile update will be much bigger than the Panda or Penguin update as its reported Google will make a large infrastructure change.
  3. Your web site will simply be given a red light or green light, a yes or a no to being Mobile friendly. Read our article “Mobile Friendly Ranking” on how to find out whether you have been given the yes by Google.
  4. The update is not effecting visitors using tablets, just visitors using mobile devices from today.
  5. Google report you do not need a special mobile sitemap file as the desktop version is fine.
  6. The update doesn’t reduce your desktop ranking, only rankings for your site for mobile searchers. Some industries have over 50% mobile visitors, so its big news!
  7. As the Google algorithm is in real time, each time Google crawls your web pages, it determines if they are mobile friendly. Its never to late to make the change.
  8. For those that have made the changes, they should gradually see a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.
  9. Today’s update is a worldwide roll out for all Google search engine results.
  10. Once you have updated your site, Google reveals if its accepted your site as mobile friendly by giving it a grey “Mobile Friendly” label in the results. (see image below)

Mobile ready

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