Content Management System Before the days of Wordpress CMS there were a few ways of producing content other than writing in html one web page after another. Layouts would jump around as irregular formats were produced using tables and building in Front page or Dreamweaver.

In addition, CMS today is expected as the only way of building websites beyond a few pages. Using templates and themes, Wordpress is the genuine choice for all Small business. What’s more its free to download.

So this category shows articles on how it works. Its full of my knowledge and discoveries over the 20 years ive worked with Content management software. Particularly Wordpress.

September 10, 2019
Website re-design plan

Website Re-design Plan

How To Plan A Web Site Re-design It’s one of those things that occurs to you when you get a customer saying, your website looks tired. Your website didn’t work on my mobile. Did you know […]
July 14, 2019
Bournemouth web site design

Web Design Bournemouth

If you live in the Bournemouth area and need a reliable web designer to manage and build  a professional new website, give me a call today. I specialise in working with clients in the Bournemouth area, […]
June 7, 2019

Websites have a shelf life

How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost? A respected customer asks, when you’re going to get your website into the 21st century? Initially your stunned. “I only had it designed a few years ago”, you reply. […]
March 10, 2018
Wordpress review against drupal, magento, Joomla CMS

WordPress website design UK

Why does WordPress prove to be so popular with our UK clients? Are their other alternatives worth considering? How do search engines like Google view WordPress sites? Is it as popular as it claims to be […]
July 29, 2015
Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files - No Problem

Googlebot fetch – cannot access CSS and JS files

No Problem. You cant get Googlebot to fetch your site due to an error. If you recently received a Google Search Console email saying “Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files”, don’t worry as it’s easily […]